How to login to your Direct Admin control panel?

December 24, 2021 9:05 pm

Direct Admin is the graphical web-based hosting control panel that is designed for making the administration of the website easier. It is programmed as the fastest running control panel available. It also avoids the downtime by automatically recovering from crashes, In this blog, you will learn, how to login to your Babal DirectAdmin Panel. See the steps below to learn about it.
    1. Once you order the direct admin package with us, and after the invoice is paid, you will get the email with the subject "New Hosting Account Information". You can go through this link to order the DirectAdmin Package. new hosting account information
    2. You can get the login credentials and server IP as well as nameservers for the package. You need to change the nameservers to the provided one. You can click on this link or once your domain is propagated you can use the link i.e. www.<yourdomainname>.com:2222.
    3. Enter your login credentials username and password provided on your email and click on login button. login page
    4. After signing in to your account, you have successfully logged in to DirectAdmin Web control panel. directadmin panel
Another way to logging in to your direct admin web control panel is directly logging in through the client area. See the steps below to log in through the client area.
  1. Log in to your client area through and enter your email and password there and click on Login. logging to client area
  2. You will be logged in to your client area dashboard. Click on Services. services
  3. Click on the arrow shown there written text, DirectAdmin Hosting. services opening
  4. Click on the Login to DirectAdmin Button. logging in da
  5. Now, you are successfully logged in to the DirectAdmin web control panel through Client Area without entering the username and password for DirectAdmin. directadmin panel
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