How to manage zone records from cPanel interface

December 31, 2021 3:42 pm

Want to add a TXT record to verify your domain to the Google search console, or update MX record to point to an external email provider, or want to add A-records to point to different IP? Or, if you simply want to manage your zone records from your cPanel account very easily. We do provide cPanel with any of our hosting packages as standard for you to manage everything with regard to your hosting service. To manage the zone records for the domain, you will need to start by first logging in to your cPanel account. If you're not sure how to - you can follow the article, "How to open cPanel for your website?" Once logged in, do follow the steps as mentioned below to be able to manage the zone records:
  1. Under "Domains" block locate "Zone Editor" and click on it: Or Simply use the search bar available on the top right of your control panel to search for it and click on it - to open the interface
  2. Once you open the "Zone Editor" section locate the domain for which you're looking to manage the zone records for and click on "Manage" next to it. For the demonstration purpose, we're updating the records for "" - so we just click on the "Manage" icon on the same line as below:
  3. You will find all the records that are currently there for the domain under the section - you can use the filter to only view a certain type of records:
  4. To add a new record, simply click on "+ Add Record" - a new line would be added where you can add the record as is required. Make sure to change the record type from the dropdown available once you click on it as shown in the image below:
  5. From the same interface, you can make use of "Edit" and "Delete" options available next to each record to edit or remove/delete any of the records and their value.
  6. You can also reset all the records for the domain by clicking on "Actions" followed by "Reset DNS Zone" as shown below:
  7. A warning message is displayed as all the records that are there in the zone editor for the domain would be reset to the original/default state. Any added records would be removed. TXT records, however, will be something that the system will try to retain as is but it's always ideal to keep a copy of the records with you before you reset if they're required.
  With the article, we have reviewed how we can add a new record, delete a record, update records or reset to the default/original state via cPanel web interface. For these records to be active however, the nameservers for the domain need to be pointing to our nameservers and have been fully resolved from the server IP/records. Please allow some time for any zone records updated to be resolved as is set. You can use tools like these to change the DNS resolution status for the domain: