How to pay using eSewa?

December 24, 2021 9:02 pm

How to pay using eSewa efficiently for's services? Checked out using eSewa and you're not sure how to pay with it? Below we have mentioned a way to pay for's services from eSewa.

Process to pay using eSewa efficiently

  1. You can make the payment from eSewa by first logging into your eSewa mobile/web app.
  2. Once done, click on "Send Money"
  3. Enter the following for eSewa id: [email protected]
  4. And, then select anything for purpose.
  5. Under amount, enter the amount as in your invoice/bill.
  6. For remarks, keep your reference number / invoice number / domain name
  7. Click on proceed and confirm the transfer
Soon as the transfer is completed - we can get the invoice updated for you which will in-turn activate the service for you instantly. In case of any issues or difficulties, you can reach out to our staff via live chat, support ticket, or a direct phone call.

Here are some of the popular plans for which you can pay through eSewa

For unlimited Hosting:

For Cloud Server:

For Babal Reseller: