How do I migrate my website to Babal Host?

September 13, 2020 6:32 pm

Thinking of changing your web hosting to Babal Host? Worried the process might be tiring or your website will be down during the process? Worry not. As our experts will take care of your migration seamlessly ensuring no downtime nor any headache at your end. The only thing you need to do once you have your web hosting order active is to provide us the login details to your current control panel via support ticket - and we'll take care of everything thereafter.

Below is how a typical process will look like:

    1. Login to your client area from If you don't already have an account - please follow the instructions here on "How to login to Babal Host". Or, if you can't remember your password - follow the steps here on "How to reset my Babal Host login password".

  1. Once you have successfully logged in to your client area and you have not yet placed an order - please follow the steps here on "How to order a web hosting package from Babal Host".
  2. Once you have your web hosting order active, open a support ticket from the menu bar by clicking on "Support > Open Ticket"

  3. In the page opens, select the service which you want to service for under "Related Service"
    Enter the message under the message blog - a sample of which is as presented in the image below.
    Once you have filled in the required details - click on "Submit" to send the entry to us
  4. Once it is submitted, you will see ticket created confirmation - something like this:

  5. Clicking on "Continue" will take you to the created ticket page. You can click on "Reply" to add more details, clarification or updated information for the same ticket.

  6. The website migration is usually completed within 24 hrs. of your ticket creation and you'll have a confirmation message there in the ticket. You will also receive an email stating that the ticket is responded to. Please do not reply in the email as that isn't monitored by our support team. 
  7. Once the migration is complete, we will send you a temporary link or method by which you can preview your website. Once you're satisfied with the migration service, you can now update the nameservers to ours i.e.

    If you're using a .np domain name and not sure how to update the nameserver - please check our blog article "How do I update nameservers for my Domain Name?"

  8. Once the nameserver is updated, the DNS propagation starts which can take up to 72 hrs. to complete. However, this is completed much quicker often within a few hours and your website then will be loading from our server. Congratulations! You have moved your website successfully to Babal Host and have nothing more to worry about!